Race Packs


The Race


Q1)      How do I enter the Wilne 10k?
A2)      Please visit the Enter page.

Q2)     My credit/debit card won’t work?
A2)     Please check you have entered your credit/debit card details correctly; please try again checking each digit carefully.  For any other query regarding card payments online, please contact Gavin Lightwood UK Athletics at

Q3)     How do I know if my entry had been received and processed?
A3)      Go to the ‘Check I’m In’ page and search for your name.  If you have completed your entry and you do not appear in the ‘Check I’m In’ page or it does not appear on your bank statement, please allow 14 days before contacting us. If you entered by post, your entry may have not been delivered to us if there was not sufficient postage.  We do not collect and pay for mail that does not have sufficient postage paid.

Q4)     Can I register more than one person at a time?
A4)      Online entries – once you have completed one entry, you have the option to add more through the online entry system.
Paper entries – you can send in more than one entry form in an envelope but please do check the size and weight of the envelope.  Envelopes with insufficient postage will not be delivered to us and we do not collect and pay for mail that does not have sufficient postage paid.

Q5)     How much is it to enter the race?
A5)     Please see the Enter page.

Q6)     Why does it cost £2.00 less for affiliated runners compared to unaffiliated runners?
A6)      There is a £2.00 reduction in entry fee for runners who are part of UK Athletics affiliated clubs and this standard is set by the national governing body.

Q7)     Should I enter as affiliated or unaffiliated?
A7)      Only runners who are affiliated to UK Athletics can enter as affiliated runners and take advantage of the £2.00 reduction in entry fee.  Please click on this following link to see if your club is affiliated to UK Athletics or  Jogging groups and gym running groups, unless affiliated with UK Athletics, do not qualify you as an affiliated athlete even if you pay a weekly/monthly fee with them.  A runner who enters as an affiliated athlete who is not part of an affiliated club will have their entry refused unless they pay the full entry amount.  Affiliated runners must complete their Competitor License Number (also known as URN or EA number) when entering as an affiliated athlete.

Q8)   Can I withdraw/swap/giveaway/defer my entry?
A8)    No, sorry, all entries are non-refundable and non-deferrable.  The moment you register online or by post we start to incur administration costs and banking charges.  Further charges would also be incurred in administering cancellations and processing refund payments if they were to be made.  However, transfers are accepted until around 2-3 weeks before the event upon request – please see more details at  If you have received your race pack and have decided not to participate please do NOT give your race number or timing chip to anyone else.  These are uniquely registered to your name, category, gender etc.  Running under someone else’s identification is both contrary to the rules and a medical safety hazard.  The timing chips are disposable so you do not need to return them to us or to the chip timing company.

Q9)    I have lost my running number and/or my running timing chip.  What shall I do?
A9)    Please contact us as soon as possible and we will arrange for a replacement to be sent out to you.  Replacement running timing chips cost £5.00.

Q10)   I have another query not listed above with my entry, who can help?
A10)    If the above FAQ’s do not answer your questions, please contact us.

Race Packs

Q1)      How do I receive my Race Pack?
A1)      If you included the Race Pack Posted Fee, then your Race Pack will be sent out in the post around the middle to the end of August.  Online entries and postal entries without a Race Pack Fee will be available for collection from The Derby Runner on Friday 31st August between 2-8pm or on the morning of the race from the Race Pack Collection Point in the Race Village.

Q2)     Why haven’t I received my Race Pack?
A2)     The race packs will be sent out around the middle to the end of August so please wait until 7 days before the race before contacting us.  Please also check our website and social media for updates.  If you still haven’t received your race pack at this point, there may be some reasons for this.  Please ask yourself if you included a Race Pack Fee with your paper entry form (these are the only Race Packs that are sent out)?  Have you been entered?  Please check the ‘Check I’m In’ page and check your bank statement to see if the payment has been taken.  If you have sent in a paper entry form with the Race Pack Fee included, you have been confirmed as entered into the race through the ‘Check I’m In’ page and it is now 7 days prior to the race, please contact us.

Q3)     What’s in my Race Pack?
A3)     Your Race Pack will consist of an envelope containing your running number and timing chip along with the Official Event Guide.

Q4)     Why is there no t-shirt in the Race Pack that I have received?
A4)      The Wilne 10k t-shirt is the reward for all competitors who complete the Wilne 10k road race.  The t-shirts will be distributed in the Race Village after the race.  Please show your race number when collecting your t-shirt.  Whilst we have ordered t-shirts in sizes requested we cannot guarantee your preferred size.


Q1)      Will I get paid for volunteering?
A1)      No, sorry but volunteering means working without payment – however, we aim to give you some freebies and make it great fun!

Q2)     Will I be trained/receive instruction for what I have to do?
A2)     Race crew will not be required to attend training prior to the race day.  A race crew volunteer can turn up at the agreed time on the race day and be briefed on what is expected of them by their team leader.  Team leaders will be required to attend a short meeting arranged prior to the event to discuss the logistics, health & safety, and management of their team.  If you would like to help out prior to the race day, please contact us.

Q3)     How old do I need to be to be a race crew volunteer?
A3)     Everyone is welcome to volunteer at the Wilne 10k road race, however anyone under the age of 18 years old will not be allowed to volunteer on open roads.

Q4)     Can my pet dog be with me when I am volunteering?
A4)     Unfortunately no.  Any pet animal is not allowed to be with you when you are volunteering due to health and safety risks.  Some of these risks include the animal being startled and reacting inappropriately by runners passing at average speeds up to 13mph, the volunteer not being able to react to situations as quickly as required if they are supervising an animal and animal waste may become a slip hazard.

Q5)     Can I work with my friends/family?
A5)     As long as the other people you want to work with are within the age limits for the position then yes, we’ll make sure you’re grouped in the same position.  Please register all volunteers for the same position via our online volunteer form first and add the names of the volunteers that you want to be grouped together in the comments box.

Q6)     Can our club/school/organization volunteer an entire station, e.g. a water station?
Q7)     Yes, we would like you to have ‘ownership’ of the volunteer tasks – it’s also great fun working in your team and provides great photos!  For further information on hosting an entire station, please contact us.

Q7)     How do I sign up to become a volunteer?
A7)     Please visit the Volunteer page, read the information on this page about what is required and the benefits you will receive and follow the instructions.

Q8)     The hours are too long for me, can I do less?
A8)     The Volunteer page lists all of the positions available and the time that you have to commit to each position.  Unfortunately all of our positions will be organised in advance and are not subject to change if a volunteer is unable to attend for the whole time required.  Please select the position on the amount of time that you are able to commit.  All volunteering positions are very important and hundreds of people will be relying you to be there on the day to ensure the event is organised smoothly.  As we value your commitment to being a volunteer, we will be providing you with some benefits as listed on the Volunteer page.

Q9)     Can I sign up to be a volunteer on the day?
A9)     All of our volunteers will be assigned positions prior to the race day and we won’t be recruiting volunteers on the race day.  However, if you do want to help out but are unable to commit beforehand, please come to the Volunteer Meeting Point in the Race Village on race day for 8am.

Q10)   Will you provide a drink?
A10)    Yes.  We are able to provide you with a hot/cold drink’s voucher and there will be bottled water available.

Q11)    What benefits do I receive for volunteering on the Wilne 10k?
A11)    Please visit the Volunteer page to see a list of benefits you will receive for volunteering.

Q12)     Will I have to wear anything special?
A12)     Every volunteer will be given an official race volunteer bib that must be worn on race day – this helps people identify you as an official volunteer and to be clearly seen by vehicles, the emergency services, runners and spectators.  We recommend that you consider wearing a hat in case the conditions are cold and raining or hot and sunny.  Gloves will be provided to the volunteers who will be requiring them.  Generally, you should dress in a comfortable manner, we recommend trainers as footwear as there’s quite a lot of walking/standing involved.

Q13)     My shift starts too early, can I come later?
Q13)     Unfortunately not.  You are required at the agreed shift start time as part of the briefing and set-up of the area you will be working in.  Please do not think you are exempt from the pre-race brief and please do not arrive late as you will delay the times for everyone on your team and other teams.  Runners will start arriving around 8.00am for the 10.00am start.  Please allow plenty of time to arrive in the car park and be aware of the diversions in place.  Please only apply if you can meet the required timings.

Q14)     Will you change my job?
A14)     We will try very hard to put you where you want to work but occasionally it may be necessary for us to reassign you at the last minute.  We will give you as much notice as possible and communicate these changes with you.

Q15)     My friend has applied for a separate team and I want to work with them, can I request to swap my role?
A15)     As we understand that the race day is about the volunteers having fun as well as the competitors, we will do our best to meet any change in role request.  Please contact us as soon as possible to request such a change.  The closer to the race day, the harder it will be for us to change your role.

The Race

Q1)      What time does the race start and what time should I be there?
A1)      The race starts at 10:00am.  All runners should aim to arrive about 60-90 minutes prior to the start of the race to ensure there is enough time for traffic delays, local diversions and parking.  So, try to aim to be at the car park between 8:30am and 9am.

Q2)     Is there a cut-off time?
A2)      Yes, the cut-off time for all runners is 1 hour and 33 minutes.  That equates to 15 minute per mile or 9 minutes per kilometre or 4 miles per hour pace which is a brisk walking pace.  We will do our best to support anyone to get around the course and we will have a degree of flexibility with this time but anyone much slower than this time may not have the opportunity to cross the finish line and have a time recorded.  There will be a sweep vehicle/bike who will record all runners who drop-out or are slower than the cut-off time.  All runners who still complete the course will still be entitled to a t-shirt and drink after the finish line.  If you have any concerns about this cut-off time or are unsure if you can get around in this time, pleas contact us.

Q3)     What if I can’t finish the race?
A3)      If you feel tired, are injured or for whatever reason do not wish to complete the race, please approach the nearest marshall in a fluorescent bib who will inform race control.  You will be recorded as DNF (Did Not Finish) but these are not shown on the results.  Please do not drop-out of the race and make your own way home.  We need to account for the safety and well-being of all runners who start the race.